Why SEO is necessary for your website ( My #1 tip) Craig Murray DigitalNecessary SEO tactics

So you are creating a digital marketing strategy but what do you include? We all know now that engagement via social media is pays an important role in your business. In my opinion and from recent tests my clients using “Social SEO” as I call it have seen huge benefits in their search ranking. However when starting a website from scratch and a marketing plan we need to remember the basics , one of them being SEO. A correctly implemented SEO campaign brings qualified leads with an intent of buying your product or service to your website.

It is also extremely important to have a responsive website as more and more people using Google with the intent on buying are using mobiles and tablets.

Maximising your Search Engine Optimisation

We all know when building a website from scratch that we must make sure the basic SEO rules are applied to our website, for example Meta tags, title tags, h1 tags, structure etc.When it comes to our marketing plans it is essential that we include link building plans and social shares. All of this together will help us build our online presence.

BUT did you know that this is just one part of SEO. Our website speed is a massive factor in SEO performance. Google wants to see fast website and if your website is taking to long to load they will penalize you for this. Not to mention, if your website is taking to long to load a potential customer will not wait around and will simply exit your website losing you potential business. This also sends Google a message that people are leaving your website quickly leading to a high “bounce rate” and in turn Google marks your website as not relevant to the users search queries. Now your seeing how this can harm your business extremely from an SEO perspective right?

It’s extremely important to structure your content in a readable and easy to follow layout with the goal of leading a visitor to a conversion.

Content is King (We know you hear it all the time)

Google and other search engines are now more than ever looking for  new, engaging, relevant and unique content.  This is backed up by their latest updates ( Penguin, Panda, & Hummingbird) The reason we write fresh content is so that we encourage sharing which increases the virility of your message and the reach of your brand. Google rewards websites that generate good content regularly.

Content also helps increase visibility in search, gives you deeper content to build links to, allows you to target more keywords and also leads to higher Quality Scores in our PPC campaigns on Google Adwords.