YouTube is the 3rd most visited website online today. With over 2 billion videos watched daily by more than 1 billion people it is no secret that YouTube can generate big traffic for your business and website.

The good thing is that YouTube is owned by google. Which means if done correctly you can rank your videos in the google search engine for your keywords! How great is that?

But just how easy is it? You will read about gurus that tell you they can get it to rank in 2 days maybe even 24 hour. Or people who can send you “real” views to help it rank, well people this is all a loud of cow dung!

The key here is not to think you can rank it in a day or two but instead if we do it correctly it will in itself begin to rank in very little time. Let’s not force things.

Google is very good for ranking YouTube videos in their search engine and some times they even rank them above the first result. This is a huge opportunity for people in competitive niches. This also helps companies sell services as videos are a lot more engaging.

Our goal is firstly to get the video to rank in the search engine on YouTube and then we will see an improvement on the Google search.