You may not believe me when I say this. However close to 40% of small businesses in Ireland today do not have a website for their company. With roughly 20% of those with a website having the ability to take payments or sell goods via e-commerce. Let’s look at the top benefits to having a website for your business in Ireland.

Firstly, What do consumers think?

In Ireland today over 90% of consumers use the internet (primarily Google) to search for local businesses that can deliver a product or service that they require. This is not hard to believe, if you think about your own search habits you most likely pull out your phone and google “web designer near me” or “web design Dublin” for example. So it has become paramount to have an online presence for your business and allow potential customers to find you online.

“Did you know that 80% of Irish consumers go online when looking for information about a business? While 83% believe that, their local businesses should at least have a basic website and nearly 3 in 4 people (73%) are particularly frustrated by businesses that do not have a website at a minimum. To top things off, nearly 70 percent think a business seems ‘outdated’ if it is not online.” Source IEDR

So what are the main benefits or having a website for your small business? In most cases you may have found my website by searching “small business web design” just one of the number of keywords that y website shows on Google for. So this is the power of having a website and gaining increased visitors online.

1.) Appear in local search results related to your business or service

It’s no secret that consumers flock to online search when looking for a company to choose to deliver a product or service they are interested in. The days of walking the high street are almost past us and if your company is not online and relying on word of mouth and traditional advertising then it is almost impossible to compete with the high end chains for exposure of your services.

When you get your website designed by a web designer, you are gifting yourself the opportunity to compete in the search engines and gain potential new customers. For example you may have found this article by searching “web designer near me“. If for example you own a coffee shop in Dublin and a tourist or a local searches for “coffee shop near me“, without a website you will not show up for this search meaning your competition will most likely get their business instead of you.

2.) Improve the Credibility of your business

The goal of any business should be to build trust between your company and your customers. Having a website allows you to reassure your customers of the legitimacy of your business and highlight the value they gain by choosing to work with you.

When you have a website for your  business and potential customers find it when searching for your product or service, we then have 5 seconds to win that customers business and keep them on our website. The homepage of your website is where you show your true value. For example on my own website, had you landed on my homepage you would see that I have written in large font “Web design for small businesses” at “Affordable Prices”

It is important to highlight the reason somebody should choose your business as the first thing that they see when they enter your website.

3.) Showcasing your products and services online

I guess this kind of goes without saying. However you would be surprised with the number of websites I come across on a weekly basis that do not actually list the products that company are selling. It is estimated that just 20% of Irish businesses that have a website have ecommerce compatibility, the ability to accept payments and sell their products or services online.  It is no secret that more and more consumers are opting to search for and find products and services online and make a payment for them on the companies website. If you do not have a website that showcases your products and services is important that you look into having a website developed for your business.

It creates two opportunities

  • Customers will find your products online and purchase them instantly
  • Customers will find your products online and then visit your store to make a purchase

Get in touch today and see how we can help you grow your business online in 2019.