What Is The Difference Between SMO And SEO ? Craig Murray DigitalEveryone has heard of SEO by this stage. Weather you are new to Internet marketing or you are yet to even start a website I am sure that you have heard or seen the word “SEO” everywhere that you look or go.

SEO as we all know means (Search Engine Optimization) this is the process by which people optimize their websites so that search engines like Google will pick up their website and promote it up their listing for the users targeted keywords. This is done by generating unique content on their website, building backlinks to their website from other websites, blog, directories etc. It’s not all about the quantity of backlinks however but in fact the quality of them. Also on site SEO meaning people make sure that their page titles, meta tags etc are all updated correctly ( we will visit this further in future posts )

However a new word has been sprung upon us and this word is SMO meaning ( Social Media Optimization ) it can mean different things to different people. To me SMO is the process of generating traffic and link juice for your website via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , Linkedin etc.

It is no secret that social media sites are here to stay and SMO is going to become a large part in webmasters and companies online marketing strategy. In my next post we will look at ways to perform SMO correctly to best benefit your website. IT will walk you through sharing content, optimizing pictures, posts, feeds, etc. The possibilities of SMO are huge and the link juice that it produces are huge. The PR pass-through generated will greatly benefit your website.