The importance of protecting your SEO content Craig Murray DigitalWhy It Is Important To Protect Your SEO Content

There are many ways to prepare your website for Search Engine Optimization and one of the most crucial methods is to write articles that come with SEO-friendly contents. Having SEO-friendly content means that you have well-written articles that are useful to both your site as well as to major search engines. In fact, search engines such as Yahoo! and Google is able to recognize the contents of your site and evaluate it for its relevance as well as quality.

The key to writing a successful SEO-friendly content is to use appropriate keywords. Moreover, it is also important to follow the acceptable density of your keywords that search engines can easily detect.  Below are some rules on how you can create SEO-friendly content using the right keywords:

  • Select keywords that are relevant to the type of business that you have.
  • Use the keywords three to four times in a 400-word article. Remember that you have to maintain a maximum or 1% or 2% keyword density.
  • Do not use too much keyword as it can distract the readers as well as weigh down the content of the site.
  • Use a keyword analysis tool to determine the appropriate keywords for your website.

It is easy to create SEO-friendly contents for your website and all there is to it is to determine the appropriate keywords as well as hire a good content writer. However, once you have already posted your articles on your website or blog, you have another important task to do which is to protect your content.

It is important to take note that your content is one of the most important factors why your website becomes visible among major search engine sites. Unfortunately, another problem faced by legitimate website owners is content theft.

Your Content Is Very Important

If you have been doing SEO for a long time, then you already know that mantra “Content is King”. This means that you need to write original and unique contents in order for you to rank high in the search pages in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and MSN.

Having your contents stolen will pose a very big problem. Once your content gets duplicated, it confuses the search engine. The reason is that search engines are having a hard time deciding which page is more relevant. Thus, there is a tendency for search engines to blacklist your website from the search pages thereby reducing the relevant traffic that you get on your site.

Protect Your SEO Contents by Using Watermarks

Protecting your contents is very crucial in order to maintain the credibility of your website. There are many ways for you to protect your contents. One of the most basic and perhaps the most important method is for you to use watermarks. This is especially true if you are using images and videos in your website. A watermark is an image posted on the documents that protects them against counterfeiting. It will be awkward to use your images without permission if you put watermarks on them.

Another way to protect your content is to put copyright notices to let everyone know that you have the original content. Although copyrighting and posting watermarks help, these will not help thieves who are really determined to steal your contents and ideas.

Use a Content Guard Tool

There are other ways for you to guard your content against thieves who are determined to steal your contents. There are many useful tools that are available online that will provide you with maximum content protection. The Google Authorship is a very good tool to protect your content.

However, those who write under a pseudonym or those who do not want to disclose their identities due to privacy concerns cannot appreciate this tool because it requires you to use your real name.  But if you do not have any issues regarding using your real name, the Google Authorship tool will allow Google search engine to automatically identify you as a unique writer and if your contents get copied, you will not be punished for the duplicated content.

Use Google Alerts to Notify You for Duplicated Contents

It is crucial to take note that while protecting your content is one thing, catching the thieves is actually a different matter. The Google Authorship Tool just helps protect your content but it does not really help catch thieves at all. Fortunately, you can use tools such as Google Alert. This particular tool detects and notifies users when their contents have been duplicated.

In order for you are alerted for duplicated content, you have to copy sentences and create an alert using the tool so that you will get notified once they appear somewhere else online. You will also be directed to the website where your content was duplicated and you can file for the necessary action to punish the perpetrators.

How to Deal With Content Thieves

If you are using Google Alert, you will be able to detect who the perpetrator is. However, before you file the necessary actions, you have to gather all of your evidence first. Make sure that you create screenshots as well as get the original files.

Once you are finished gathering the evidences, you can then contact the thief. Send them an email message and try to ask them for their explanation for the infringement of your contents. There are some content thieves who really do not know that what they are doing are illegal so it is best to send them an email first to request that they take down the copied contents  before you file legal actions.  If they do not comply, then you can file for a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint with Google. This complaint will allow Google to put down the contents that were stolen from you.

Content is king and your content allows you to drive the necessary traffic to your site. Having your contents stolen can cause a lot of pressing problems. Protecting your content against thievery is very important and there are now many ways for you to do it. Knowing these steps will allow you to sleep well at night without having to worry about your contents being stolen.