The importance of optimizing images on your website and social media pages Craig Murray DigitalIt is truly amazing the amount of people i come across that do not know how to properly optimize an image on their website. Optimising your images can be a big traffic generator for your website when done correctly. Sites such as google images and Pinterest allow us now to get so much traffic to our websites via our images.Not only does it generate traffic but it helps in the area of SEO and if optimised with the rest of the page, helps your page to rank.

Having a correctly optimised image for your keyword can get you to rank on the top of google images for your keyword and also display your image in google search for said keyword. Think about the traffic you can get by having your image ranking above first page results for a competitive keyword!!

So how do we optimise our image? Well let’s say we were optimising for the keyword web design Ireland. We would then call our image file name web-design-Ireland.jpg for example. It is also important to add a description containing our keywords to the image and don’t forget the alternative text if the image does not display for any reason.

So there you have it your image is optimised. Easy right? Although it is an easy task, so little people are taking advantage and doing it correctly.