The importance of building lists for your business online Craig Murray DigitalWhy is it that one of the most important and crucial parts of any online business is one that so little either perform or perform incorrectly with no result?

List building is key to any online businesses success, weather it be product selling, blogging , selling services or even a local business. To master list building takes time and not any random Joe can expect to start creating lists in minutes. Hut does it have to be so hard? The answer is no! And I am going to walk you through ways that we can build our tunnels and begin setting up and creating lists.

Firstly what is a list and what How does it benefit me or my business?

Most people are building lists without prior knowledge that that is what they are doing. Every business is constantly building a list, but for online businesses and entrepreneurs it is vital to do it and do it correctly. If you owned a traditional business offline you are constantly looking for new clients. When a customer purchases from you and you get their address and name they have become part of your list. Now you can advertise special offers to them again and squeeze money from them.

A list is a list of potential customers interested in your products or niche in which we can advertise to and in turn generate sales from. Online this is essential to any businesses success. Imagine you were selling a dieting book or supplement, and you had a list of 1000 people who had searched google or your website and showed an interest in buying such product. Now you emailed that list informing them of your product and it’s benefits and within the email offered them a method by which to buy the product, you can be sure that you will convert a lot of those on your lists to customers.

And that everybody is list building, the skill of creating or finding a method to create a list of visitors that show an interest in your site or product and bundling them together to create a list for future marketing. We need to find a way to attract visitors to opt in and enter their details in order for us to see them as a potential lead and in turn Market to them.

Coming soon – How to set up an opt in box and direct users to sign up