Resource marketing is a method of link building that leverages the strength of industry resource pages. Every industry has websites with pages that link to other websites within the industry that they find useful and interesting. Resource pages are a great link building opportunity because the operators of these pages are often eager to link to new industry resources. Simply emailing them to share your Power Page is often enough to earn a valuable link.

Finding these resource pages is fairly straightforward as well. You simply need to use the search operators below to compile your outreach list.

  • “niche” + inurl:links
  • “niche” + inurl:resources
  • “niche” + “helpful resources”
  • + “resources”
  • “niche” + “other resources”
  • “niche” + “resources”
  • “niche” + “useful resources”

Searching Google using these phrases will return all sites that contain what you’re looking for. But not all of them will be useful. It’s important to exclude resource pages that are very low quality or potentially spammy. If a resource page has many links which are not directly related to the industry, it’s best to exclude them. Also, if a resource page is messy, links to hundreds of sites or has a lot of broken links it’s also best to exclude them. Your goal is to get links from only quality resource pages.

Outreach Method 3: Resource Marketing Craig Murray Digital

Once you have your list of resource pages you plan to contact, the next step is to determine which pages on your site are the best fit for each of them. Your homepage may be the best fit for some, but others might be more suitable for an internal page on your site. If you come across some high value resource pages but don’t have an ideal page for them to link to, consider creating a page just for them.

It’s better to take the time to make a page that will be a valuable resource for them to link to than to hope for a homepage link that you may not get.

Email Template

Subject: Queston about {!SITE NAME}

Hi {!NAME},

I was looking for some new {!TOPIC} websites today and I came across your resource page on {!SITE NAME}. What a great list of resources, I found them all very useful.

I actually have a page that might make a great addition, it’s at {!URL}

Let me know what you think.

Thanks, {!NAME}