Submission link building is a straightforward process of finding sites that link to other sites and submitting yours for inclusion. In the early days of SEO this was primarily what link building consisted of. Nowadays, however, submission link building should only account for a small portion of your link building activity. The benefit of submission link building is that there is a lot of room for creativity, both from the types of links you get to the types of sites you get links from. This course will cover the most effective forms of submission link building.

1. Popular places to get quick links

2. Donate to a charity in exchange for a link

Many websites have pages to receive donations that also link to all of the websites that donated. This is a great opportunity to help out a fellow business while earning a quality link in return.

To find the donation page that’s perfect for your link building campaign you can search using any of these search operators:

  • intitle: contributors
  • donate to us
  • contributors page
  • intitle: sponsors
  • inurl: donate
  • sponsors page
  • inurl: contribute
  • “keyword” + intitle: donate

3. Get links from Web 2.0 sites

Websites like http://hubpages.com, and can be great sources for links. Plus, by writing and publishing content to your own account you can be certain the links will be both relative and contextual. For a truly quality link it is recommended to publish content that is at least 2,000 words and that contains media including photos and video.

4. Press Release Submission

You can use services like and to distribute press releases that contain your links. These press releases are published on the distributor’s website and are syndicated to many partner websites including Yahoo and Business Insider. Plus, once distributed, press releases are often picked up by many other independent websites who republish them for content, giving you additional links. Just make sure your press release is high quality and that you do not keyword optimize your links, or they may be flagged as spam.

5. Business Directory Links

If you have a business with a local presence you can submit it to business directories like for a quick and quality link. You can also find many local based directories like and which offer the same service.

6. Blog Directory Links

If you have a blog, even a company blog, you can submit to many different blog directories online including , a large directory that many people rely on to find new content.

7. Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out, or HARO for short, is a service that makes it easy to get in touch with journalists who are looking for sources for articles to be published on large authority sites. Once you open an account at you will start to receive three emails per day, each containing a number of queries from journalists looking for sources. Simply reply to a query that matches what you offer and explain why you would be a valuable source.

8. White Hat Blog Commenting with Scrapebox is a very popular SEO tool, primarily within the black hat SEO community. It is designed to automatically generate thousands links by “scraping” blog URLs based on keywords and automatically posting blog comments. But what many people don’t know is that Scrapebox can also be an incredibly useful tool for white hat SEO. For example, it has a manual blog commenting module that is entirely white hat. Simply scrape blogs based on your own keywords and criteria and use its handy interface to simplify posting your own hand-written quality comments. It will save a lot of time and is no less white hat than doing the entire process manually.

Link Building Method 3: Link Submissions Craig Murray Digital

9. Mobile App Directories

If you have a mobile app you can easily get free quality links from mobile app directories like . If you don’t have an app you can create a very simple one just for the purpose of getting the link, just as you can create a simple WordPress widget to get a link from their plugin directory.

10. Get Links from Audio Sharing Sites

Audio sharing sites like http://8tracks.com and are great untapped sources for link building. These kinds of sites have been largely ignored by Internet Marketers, making them a great place to get quality links. All you need to do is record a piece of music to share, even something basic, and you will get a great link in return.