This SEO training course has taken you from the origins of SEO through the exact steps needed to run a successful SEO campaign. The strategies outlined in this training course apply to any website in any industry and are the same strategies used by all of the big SEO agencies. These strategies work so well because they produce exactly what Google is looking for when determining rankings and because they provide long-term results that are insulated from any of Google’s future algorithm changes. They’re insulated from future changes because they align with Google’s ideals.

Google relies heavily on links to determine the value, authority and reputability of websites. Knowing this, many Internet marketers and website owners have taken advantage of it by building their own links in an effort to manipulate Google’s algorithm. To combat this, Google has consistently released new algorithm updates that work to remove the artificial value created through link building. Many of Google’s updates, for years, have been focused on enforcing their Webmaster Guidelines which warn against link building schemes, content duplication, cloaking and other common practices among many SEO’s. This means that SEO campaigns that rely heavily on buying links, trading links, building links and over-optimizing anchor text are at risk of penalty.

The strategies outlined in this training course work long-term because they do not engage in any manipulative linking schemes. The majority of tactics rely on relationship building with other website owners that result in honest natural links and valuable long-term rankings. These strategies are the future of SEO.

The problem with SEO is the whirlwind of information, opinions and advice floating around. Everybody claims to know what works and it can be difficult to decide what advice to take and which strategies are safe to try. But if you keep Google’s ideals in mind you will be able to have a clear view of what is likely to safely work and what you should avoid.

If you look at the progression of SEO over the years you will see that top rankings have become harder to accomplish. This is because Google has consistently been closing loopholes that used to make ranking easy. So rather than look for any remaining loopholes (that will result in penalty once they’re closed) it’s better to transition into the future of SEO, which leans heavily on marketing for natural links.