Product launch updates Craig Murray DigitalSo I haven’t been able to update since Monday as we have been incredibly busy. We have just surpassed the 1500 sale mark in a little over 48 hours. Revenue is high and we are happy with the launch thus far.

It is our first launch and we have encountered some problems a long the way, which is expected.  From payments not processing , accounts not updating to include the purchased products , usernames and passwords not being sent out to buyers, and the OTO page not redirecting correctly, we have been kept on our feet. In turn this has led to a lot of extra work for us with regards finding the solutions and dealing with support emails that have run well over 400. We are working 20 hour days at the moment and we now take turns on getting a few hours sleep so that we can keep our 10 minute response time to all emails. The response and reviews that we are getting online by small Internet Marketers and big Internet Marketers is quite overwhelming and makes it all worth the while.

We are definitely learning a lot about releasing Internet Marketing programs which should make it easier to do next time round. I must say a big thanks to who are handling all the sales and payments. They really do have a great site over there and are doing a marvelous job!

So now to launch our new competition for affiliates today where users can win the new iPhone 5! We are working on more support and updates for our members as we speak. Next week we are going to be run off our feet with the Live SEO Masterclass Webinars and the coaching  calls!

If you have purchased Content Vortex from me you can see all the update videos below!