Product launch day is here! Craig Murray DigitalToday is the day I have been waiting for. For over a year now I have helped to develop a new software ( CONTENT VORTEX ) that is about to get offered to the Internet Marketing community today at 12pm EST. Along side Roger Bryan, and our developers and team around the world , in Germany, The UK, India, and America we have built our product up from the drawing boards to a fully functional wordpress plugin.

We got a good rest last night and today we were up at 7am to get going on the final bits and pieces. Today some of the Largest Internet Marketers will bomb their lists and promote our product. We are hoping to beat the previous record of 5554 sales in 72 hours and create revenue of over $240,000!!

We have even set up a cool little ChaChing sound that goes off in the office when a sale is made!

Stay tuned for updates to come!

Update: 12.05pm EST – 100 sales!

Update: 12.10pm EST – 140 sales!

Update: 12.15pm EST – 173 sales!

Update: 12.20pm EST – 201 sales!

Update: 12.25pm EST – 226 sales!

Update: 12.30pm EST – 261 sales!

Update: 12.35pm EST – 288 sales! 1702 people online

Update: 12.40pm EST – 304 sales!

Update: 12.45pm EST – 333 sales!

Updates being changed now to every 30 mins. Stay tuned!

Update: 01.15pm EST – 471 sales!

Update: 01.20pm EST – 500 sales!

Update: 01.35pm EST – 540 sales!

Update: 02.00pm EST – 590 sales! ( Slowing down a small bit…But we are only just getting started… )