My Software Content Vortex Sells over 2000 Units in 1 week Craig Murray DigitalInternet Marketing Product Launch

It has been a week since we launched our first product Content vortex. It has gone almost exactly how we calculated.

Day one we were off to a firing start, selling hundreds and hundreds in no time.( this is because our product goes up in price every time someone buys it. This is done so we get people in early to buy at a cheaper price and generates a lot of sales right from the get go) Things then slowed down and now a week later we have crossed the 2000 sales mark. The sale of our product closes to the public tonight so sales are starting to come fast again.

Internet marketing product launches are different to other product launches. They only last for a week & then we hold the training week full of Webinars for our members. There are not many people in the world that can successfully launch an online product. We have a great team that has helped us, some of which have earned over 400 million dollars in online sales.

So how do Internet marketing Product launches work?

Firstly you need a great product. A product that will benefit the user and help them to earn money online, or like ours beat big G ( G**gle) and rank high in Search Engines. (We are SEO experts)

When launching a product like ours we have to generate a lot of buzz about it. A lot of  Affiliates (people who sell your product for a commission) online have lists of emails belonging to people that are interested in a specific niche ie. Internet Marketing. They mail these lists informing them of new products that they may be interested in. When a user clicks to buy the product from their email they are tracked and if they purchase it the affiliate is credited. So we start by holding a competition for $5000 to get these affiliates on board. Whoever sells the most units of our product will get an extra $5000. ( Nice ey My Software Content Vortex Sells over 2000 Units in 1 week Craig Murray Digital )

Now we offer our affiliates a commission on ALL sales that they generate. We decided to give 100% of our product sales to our affiliates. This earned our affiliates over $29,000 in commissions.

Now your wondering how we make our money right? With a product launch like this , we have 3 different products within one. Product A the front end where the affiliates get 100% is a personal license product. It can only be used on 1 website.

Product B ( Where we make money) is an Unlimited license product for a web developer. It also includes SEO Training and a week of Webinars. This is higher priced than Product A & C

Product C (for people who refused product B) is a 10 website license. This is higher priced than product A but lower than product B. This is our last chance to get them to purchase before they exit our funnel.

Now our product has been sold to a user. It is very tough to complete this and only some do. So I am happy to be part of a team that has dominated Internet Marketing and generated 6 figure sums this week and now look forward to a week of Webinars!

My Software Content Vortex Sells over 2000 Units in 1 week Craig Murray Digital My Software Content Vortex Sells over 2000 Units in 1 week Craig Murray Digital