Mega Partnering 7Mega Partnering 7 Los Angeles Craig Murray Digital

It’s Friday June 7th and Mega Partnering 7 has kicked of in the Westin hotel in Los Angeles. Just over 800 of the worlds top entrepreneurs who were hand chosen are in town for the worlds #1 wealth networking conference.

Yesterday Jt Foxx and other gave a bonus day for students only and the information supplied was golden. It is events like this that make you think outside the box and give you the opportunity to network with people who can bring your business to the next level. 31 different countries are represented at Mega Partnering and people from all different backgrounds and industries are here. I am the only Irish attendee here and I was last year also. I am a VIP guest both years because in my niche I am the authority.

I am here to lean and build relationships. Relational capital is the best capital that you can achieve in business. Flimber Media is at Mega because we are Ireland’s number one web design company. We look after our clients and are known world wide

Mega Partnering 7 , Los Angeles is just one of those WOW events! It is an event that when you are at it you know it is something special. The best business people in the world talking and meeting with everyone and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger.