Place it on Pinterest

With the introduction of so many social media platforms, there is a great confusion about the best suitable platform for your business. Everyone you ask in the social media world will probably give you a different solution or opinion about which platform to use for your business.

If you are responsible for taking care of the social media for your business, do you use the same platform for your personal use as well? Is that a smart thing to do? Is this so because it’s just convenient for you? If a sense of confusion persists in your decision making process, look no further, Pinterest is the place to be.

Pinterest is an extremely colorful social media platform that provides a great opportunity for you to drive traffic to your website and thus get more exposure for your website. The first step is to find out how you plan on using it in the first place. Some social media consultants would probably tell you that Pinterest is mainly for B2C (Business to Consumers) however, Pinterest can easily be used to grow your reach on a B2B (Business to Business) this will also help you to get people to visit or pay attention to your website.

Here are a few interesting ways and tricks that professionals have adopted with Pinterest in order to conduct their business activities and tip the scales in their favor.

Tip 1.Learn to drive back your content

If you can drive back to your original content then this is a great way of using Pinterest for B2B marketing. This platform gives your business an added place of presence on the Internet that allows for you to update your prospective clients or customers to find your content. One more added benefit of driving you’re your content is that, Pinterest can also help build your SEO (search engine optimization) and will also allow videos to be recorded. Thus Pinterest is just a great way to drive traffic back to your website or original content.

Tip 2. Show us what your expertise is all about

The one rule of having clients has been to always assure them you know very clearly everything that your business entails and what you as a provider of service or products. You need to prove this to your prospective clients or customers. If you start to create “boards” around your subject or line of expertise, and then express your knowledge through “pins,” you can showcase your expertise in a great way.

Tip 3. Sparkle that brand of yours

If your brand has a personality and you need to show it off, Pinterest is a great place to let that personality of your brand shine away. The uniqueness of social media is that it allows you to have a little more fun than you would in your average and traditional advertising and at the same time, your business name may possibly get ahead of more people just by having others “repining” your exciting and fun content.

Tip 4. You got clients? Show them off!

You can adopt a great strategy of getting more clients by convincing them the credibility of your business and the great work that you have done in the past is by showcasing or mentioning those clients that can vouch for your business. You can start creating a board that mentions your current clients and projects, this will not only allow you to get to brag about all the great work that you’ve done but, also give you the opportunity to drive more traffic to your client’s websites as well. A true win-win scenario for the client and yourself.

Tip 5. Give Tutorials

You should know that videos can also be pinned to board example; YouTube. This allows you to go beyond the usual product image marketing strategy. This can prove to be a great benefit, as it would allow you to show off your different set of skills and expertise with the help of “How To” videos. You can have a variety of educational techniques displayed on a Pinboard, storyboard images, in photographic and videos are a good example. Once the content is ready you can share it on Pinterest and on other networks as well.

Tip 6. Demonstrate your business’s behind the scenes

This might serve to be an issue if the nature of your business is service based rather than product based, as you will not be able to demonstrate your business behind the scenes in order to drive sales. However, you can utilize Pinterest to show behind the scenes at your company, by creating boards about your staff, the local environment and the general industry you reside in, or also the other ways of using interesting images to help people find out about what you have to offer.

Tip 7. Tell us who you are

Your Pinterest profile should be very different from your website: Pinterest can be used to display a much more interesting and creative side to your business. Apart from showcasing the work that you have done, you can also use it to show more wide-ranging interests that you have, such as a commitment to unemployment issues, photographs of the place you currently reside in, some interesting events you may have been part of and support, or your next big idea, your favorite books or movies and music.

Tip 8. Mark it as yours

Everything that you place on Pinterest needs to have a watermark of your company. A logo would do just fine. If are a designer, all your designers need to have your logo on it to show that you own it. Make sure that all your images on Pinterest can only be attributed to you and no one else. This will help in preventing future copyright issues.