How I made 6200% return on a domain I bought on eBay a year previous Craig Murray DigitalSelling Domains Online

This is one of those stories I always heard but never believed. ( Mind you most were a load of bull ) BUT then it happened to me. In May 2011 I purchased a domain on eBay for $200. The domain in question was

I saw the domain when I was looking through pages of domains for sale and instantly it jumped out at me. I decided to get on the bidding which at the time was at $1.20. I battled against another bidder all the way until I won the domain for $200. I remember at the time I had about $250 in my account. I paid for the domain and sweated for days after. ( This was a lot of money to me ) I even tried to sell it to the second highest bidder but to no avail.

Time went on and I had lots of ideas for the domain. Crowd Cam has a lot of meanings and I wanted to get a website set up so that people could upload videos that they took at concerts, school games etc. With that of course comes copyright issues among much more so I left the domain to the side. I know SONY spoke of an idea that in some way replicated this so I held on to hope that one day they might contact me. One day in December I was approached by 3 buyers each sending an email a few days apart wanting to purchase the domain. One was an MIT student. In fact I have noticed a few projects online that all use the name “crowd Cam”

The highest offer I got was $900 and I jumped at the opportunity to get some much needed cash. However something told me I shouldn’t sell the domain. After hours of thinking how great it would be to make a $700 profit in a few months I decided against the sale. Time went on and in February I was approached by another email from another interested buyer and this time he offered me $1000 straight out. I respectfully declined and said my BIN is $12,500 and what do you know? He said yes! The money was put into escrow the day later and the deal was done in 24 hours. It was crazy and I couldn’t believe it. Now that the site has been bought by an NFL player I have though damn I could have gotten more..But the truth is I got exactly what I asked for and am happy.

So there you have it I bought a domain on eBay and made a 6200% return in just under a year. If I can do it then you certainly can to. I’m no good at the domaining game but yet I got in there and made a sweet profit. So why not give it a go?