How long will it take for my website to go live?2020-08-18T09:17:41+00:00

We can have your draft website ready within 5 business days. Any delays to this will depend on how quickly you can send us your initial information and the time it takes you to review your website (we provide unlimited revisions). Once you have approved your website, we will publish your website to go live and it will be publicly viewable on your domain name.
Please note that your website will not come up in the search results just yet, because Google takes between 4 days to 4 weeks to discover a new website for ranking purposes. This is a very normal process, so just need to keep an eye on it until you see it show up.

Can I make changes to my website after it’s published? How much does it cost to make changes?2020-08-18T09:17:16+00:00

Of course you can! We will provide you with easy self-management instructions to take over editing of the website, it’s very easy to get the hang of it. Our friendly support team is always on hand to support you through self-management if you get stuck along the way, so we’ll never leave you stranded!

Who owns the website after it’s created?2020-08-18T09:16:48+00:00

You do. We provide you with complete handover instructions to own your website and we will simply manage your domain name renewal (if applicable) and hosting for the life of the website. Our service is made to save you time and remove any hassles.

Will you send me monthly reports on the performance of the websites?2020-08-18T09:16:25+00:00

We will not automatically provide you with this information, we send reports every Monday morning at 9am

I don’t like my current website, can you provide assistance?2020-08-18T09:15:34+00:00

Yes we can, as part of our web design service. Keep your domain name and when your new website is up and running with us, you simply cancel your old hosting. Contact us today so we can help you relaunch your website with our signature website development service.

What are the ongoing maintenance costs to run my website?2020-08-18T09:15:02+00:00

​There are two main ongoing costs to keep your website live on the Internet:

  1. Hosting: Every website on the Internet needs to be ‘hosted’ on a server somewhere. It’s like paying a monthly “rent” for your website to “live” on the Internet. Without it, your website would not exist. After the first 12 months of free hosting with Craig Murray Web Design, hosting and website management is charged yearly. Our fee includes hosting, editing access and ongoing support. We believe our fee is the best value in Ireland among web designers.
  2. Domain Name Renewal: Each year, your domain name will require renewal. If we purchased this on your behalf, we will simply renew it for you at cost each year (E45 for 12 months) as part of our ongoing website development service.
What is SEO?2020-08-16T18:10:44+00:00

SEO ( Search engine optimisation ) is the process by which we optimise your website in order for your website to appear in the Google search results when somebody searches for your product or service. This is achieved by using keywords that describe your product or service throughout your website.

Can I take payments on my website?2020-08-16T18:10:23+00:00

Of course! All of our websites come standard with e-commerce and payment compatibility. Accept Paypal payments and/or credit & debit card payments securely via your website. We include this for all clients.

Do you design a logo?2020-08-16T18:10:04+00:00

YES! The logo service is designed as a gift to our clients so that they can have a full service professional finished product. If you already have a logo and don’t want us to refine it, then we will spend that time working more extensively on the design of your site.

How many pages can my website have?2020-08-16T18:09:45+00:00

We create up to 22 pages initially. This typically includes the home page, blog page, and 19 other pages. You can then add unlimited pages from the admin area. We don’t argue however. We once added 290 pages for one client! 😀

What platforms do you specialise in?2020-08-16T18:09:22+00:00

We specialize in Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress websites.

How long does it take to develop a web site?2020-08-16T18:08:58+00:00

It will depend on the scope of your web site. But generally it takes anywhere from 5 days to 14 days to design and develop a web site. Most individual and small businesses are developed fully in 10 working days while larger projects can take a little longer. If all images and content are supplied we can develop a website in 1 working day.

What is website hosting?2020-08-16T18:08:09+00:00

In order to be visible on the Internet, you need to rent disk space from a company that provides Web Hosting Services. When you have a web site the files that belong to your web site need to reside on a computer running web server software. When we host your web site that means that we keep your files on our dedicated servers. We maintain the files and run backups on all of your files.

What is a domain name?2020-08-16T18:07:46+00:00

A domain name is your real estate online. It is the name used by potential customers to find you. For example my domain name is www.craigmurray.ie what will yours be? 🙂

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