Creating a YouTube video for a client or yourself with simplicity as the key Craig Murray DigitalAs we are aware YouTube is a massive tool in all of Internet marketers Kit boxes, if not well then you cannot truly call yourself an Internet marketer. Everyone in my opinion, if serious about Internet marketing needs to be utilizing Youtube to get the best ROI and exposure for both your products and services and/or your clients.

Youtube is a huge traffic generator and can bring great conversions if your videos are optimised correctly( see our post here on how to optimise a YouTube video like a pro) and if they are created correctly, which we are going to explain in this blog post.

When I’m approached by a potential client who is interested in adding video to their website or engaging users via video , I always ask them firstly have they got a YouTube channel. The usual reply that I receive is no. So why are so many businesses not using YouTube as a means of advertising their products and services? The answer is that they dint know how, but how hard can it be to shoot a video and upload it and go viral? Yeah we wish it was that easy.

When we make videos for clients we think simplicity first , what is the shortest video that we can create that explains their product/service, promotes their brand and gets a message across to the user that will have them to click our link and continue on to our landing page.

when creating a video for a product don’t have it longer than 90-120 seconds, and make sure that you include your CPA somewhere before the video is over as you do not want to lose the attention of the video watcher before you have even given them something to think about and before they have seen your CPA. Your CPA can be either a link to your landing page or product, a phone number for them to call or an email address for them to message. We need to give them the easiest way possible to get in touch with us and we need to give it to them before they leave the video.

We find that keeping an annotation on the video at the bottom or top at all times which include your CPA is the best and highest converting option. Also of course we will have our link in our description as discussed in our previous post.