Building a happy lifestyle by working for yourself online Craig Murray DigitalPeople always ask me what I work as. I never can answer this question with a definitive answer, but I am an online entrepreneur and an online adviser for businesses. I run some of my own companies and websites and also I work with many companies and advise them on their online websites and teach them how to drive business and sales to their company. I also work as a social media manager and software developer with RcBryan & Associates

So why did I choose to work online? 

I never went to college , nor did I ever have an interest in school or any of the subjects we were thought ( beside business ). From a young age I tried to make money and at just 14 I was fixing phones for money with my trusted t8 screwdriver which I imported from China. Since then I have gone on to make money here and there from many different online ventures, to making money via my music to making money creating and designing websites. Whatever way possible, making money and starting businesses has always been something I like to do. Who doesn’t like to make money right?

To me I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. The idea of working a 9-5 job for a money hungry boss that lives of the intrepreneurship of those working within his or her company, that pays a basic wage was not for me.

Living life how I want and being happy in my job has always been a key prospect of business to me. I want these two things firstly before profit. Creating my own online business has allowed me to accomplish a lifestyle that suits me . Being happy in a job should always come before profit. When you are happy doing what you are doing then the money will come easier. Online businesses give you a platform to be happy with your job and give you a lot of time to yourself to spend doing the finer things in life, weather that be travel, spending more time with friends, joining a gym etc. Having an online business gives so much flexibility and I would recommend it to anyone. Working online gives you the flexibility to live a lifestyle of your choice, it is not a get rich quick job.