America is calling Craig Murray DigitalSo I am off to Cleveland Ohio Today the 6th of September. Currently I am sitting in the airport 3 hours early for my flight writing this post. I work in part with a company based there which goes by the name of RCBryan & Associates. They specialize in offering business consulting to business’s and start ups and they offer a range of Internet Marketing services, from SEO to PPC Management.  They also offer quality web design services.

I am looking forward to going and lending a helping hand with my experience of the online world. I currently work as their leading Social Media Manager and Onsite expert on all services offered.

I will be over in Ohio for 18 days most of which will be spent around marketing and preparing everything for our new product launch which I truly look forward to. It is my first launch and the first time I have had input in a product which is about to be released to the general public. The product is being launched on September 10th and my job is to make sure it is fully functional and to supply customer service to new customers that purchase the product.

The product created will revolutionise the way web masters look at SEO. It is being released  by Roger Bryan with the help of Stephen Renten. This is a huge launch and one that should put us on the map as SEO experts and Internet Marketing Experts. Since big G brought in their new algorithms which included The ever controversial Panda update and the penguin updates which saw many web masters and entrepreneurs lose their gold like rankings on Google, myself and Roger Bryan have been designing a product which will help web masters and businesses to regain their once so golden spots on the Google search.

The product content vortex which launches September 10th is one SEO & Internet marketing product/tool that you do not want to miss. It is for serious users only and the results are magnificent! This will make 6 figure easily in 72 hours, so make sure that you get you copy!