All about Internet Marketing in 2013 Craig Murray DigitalAbout Internet Marketing In 2013

It is undeniable how the internet influences us in many great ways. In fact, it has made a breakthrough in human lives and economy. It has changed the ways businesses and trades operate in the global market. It has made fast and efficient travel and communication possible. It opened up a wide range of exciting possibilities for gaining value through interacting with others in propping up your work or company.

For this reason, the web has been used as a fundamental instrument to promote products and services, it is an effective way to expand your networks and it saves a lot of time and money.

Internet marketing, otherwise known as online promotion or eMarketing, is the marketing of products and services over the internet. It is the most popular and preferred marketing method of our modern times, simply because it is smarter, faster and efficient. The internet has a broader scope compared to any other media type and it is its interactive nature that provides instant response and extracts responses that made it a unique medium.

However, internet marketing must be collaborated with excellent marketing skills and techniques to be accurately effective. You should be able to identify and communicate your business to your target market and penetrate to them.

Below are some of the significant online marketing trends to watch for in 2013:


Many organizations are starting to clearly understand the need to use design to achieve and sustain success. Design marketing will have an important role in the business field within the next years to come; this growing popularity of design research is linked to the intellectual facet of design that is central to business success.

The capability of websites to adjust to varying display in almost all innovative devices in the market today is significant. Responsive web design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size and orientation. It should automatically respond to the user’s preference; as the user switch from laptop to a tablet, the website should automatically accommodate the changes in orientation, resolution or scripting abilities and eliminate the need to use a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market.


Your business should be easily located on every single device. You should be able to reach out to the (potential) mobile internet user target as well. Mobile advertising is going to be an affordable, top prospective marketing ground this year with the increasing number of people worldwide who owns or will own a Smartphone or tablet. Smartphone usage has reached critical mass offering unparalleled opportunities for digital marketers. So every marketer needs to make their mobile sites and presences accessible and visible, and keep track of the opportunities of reaching their audiences through mobile.


Research shows interesting and promising future for social media networks as a tool that will continue to grow in use. In social media you can update frequently and create content that drives engagement without paying a cent. It pushes you to pay for attention.  On Facebook, for example, you obtain 10,000 likes and you have earned some attention to your digital properties.  Social media marketing is principally comprised of activities involving social sharing of images, videos, and content for the purpose of promotion. Social media marketing is a method of getting hold of visitors via social media channels.  It centers its endeavors to produce content that appeals and inspires readers to distribute the content within their media circles. Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access.


Aesthetics is good but content is the key factor. A great content should be designed to get massive amounts of attention. It should be crafted around an identified audience. People around the world search the net for useful and quality information. Information is what makes people spend more time browsing your site. Search engines can pick up quality content and that’s what is most valuable in ranking a website.

The purpose of the website should be clear. Context affects design, accessibility and content.  It is best to understand your users to make it more relevant and convenient for them to be in your website. Context defines a visitor’s web experience. If a prospect lands on your site via a search engine, you would want to display correctly your sales and marketing campaign on any device your prospect is using.

Ultimately, content and context are both essential factors in developing a great webpage. Together they can rule the empire of the corporate Web site experience.


Articles are not the only successful format that is successful when it comes to internet marketing. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and sites like Instagram and Pinterest has remarkably proven that. Some users would gravitate more towards the picture in a post than the copy. Images drive attention. It will make some people stop and look for just a little longer than before.  Videos, picture boards, Info graphics and photos will increase in the near future as we look forward to absorb more facts and figures in a snap, compared to the past. Sometimes people are drowning in content, and too busy to read everything they want information about.

Visual content promotes a human connection that helps translate the brand experience between companies that cannot be achieved through words alone. Create visual content in business to further develop their online brand presence are highly promising by the advancements of software and internet connectivity.

Internet will be an unwavering tool for promotion and marketing in business. More and more people are getting information and other requirements online so it makes sense for businesses to use the internet as a marketing tool. It is one of the most creative, efficient and cheapest ways to promote your company and products. It is a much more flexible tool than print or even broadcast media. Fortunes are being made every second through the internet. It creates new opportunities and obliterates old methods of doing business. The internet will continually be an even bigger force in many years to come and millions of people will look and find what they need online.