About Craig Murray Digital
About Craig Murray Digital
About Craig Murray Digital

I believe that it start’s with small businesses

I help small businesses get online professionally and affordably. You concentrate on your work while we run your online business.

Hi there,

Welcome to my website. My name is Craig Murray and hopefully we end up working together on your web project and I can help you succeed with your online goals. I have worked online for 15 years. During this time I have worked with companies such as Google, Microsoft, Europcar, Game On Media and many more. I possess more than 11 years of progressive experience in the Internet marketing and digital marketing field.

I started my career building websites for SME’s and conducting SEO for several companies as well as running and implementing large Adwords campaigns for non-profits. I have since the start and to this day enjoyed great success in doing so. During the 11 years that I have been online, so much has changed and continues to do so on a daily basis.

This is why I am constantly learning and following the top guys around the world in order to increase my skills to achieve great things for my Irish clients. I am now running a freelance Digital Marketing Agency catering for SME’s in Ireland and across the globe, in which I have achieved substantial success in achieving increased search engine rankings for businesses and since September 2016, I have acquired 1200+ clients and developed over 1200 websites websites for individuals and businesses, in Ireland using Google adwords only ( Shows what I can do online ) .

During my time online I have managed attain a Many Digital Marketing certificates, Google partnership, Hubspot certifications for inbound and outbound marketing and be awarded the fastest growing web design company in Ireland as well as be asked to speak at numerous events around the world.

Working with me on your web project, does not just mean getting a professional website that cannot be found, but instead a website that grows with you, earns for you , and works along side you. Not to mention having a direct line to myself, and being able to feed of the advice and knowledge that I have acquired. Craig Murray