7 Secrets of Blog Networks

Today there are so many choices when it comes to blog posting, blog commenting, blog rolls, text streams, auto posters, auto content generators, article spinners, and the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get lost in the sauce with so many choices.

Below you’ll find the key elements of a successful blog posting campaign. The game has changed and if you don’t adapt you are not only wasting effort you are risking getting your site slapped.

The 7 Secrets of Blog Networks will help you to find the very best tools that the guru’s have been keeping all to themselves for too long!
It’s time that everyone knew the power of blog networks and blog syndication posting.

 Link Spinning Is Key

  • – There are a ton of tools out there that can spin your title or the body of your
  • text but that isn’t enough to fool the search engines these days.
  • – One way the search engines are catching duplicate content is based on the
  • fact that people are releasing 100 spun versions of the same article and in
  • each article the links are all the same.
  • – They have the same anchor text the same URL’s. The search engines have
  • figured this out.
  • – If you are not rotating your links in each and every post you will get caught.

Drip Feed Randomizers can eliminate risk of being slapped

  • – What is a drip feed randomizer? The key to successful safe blog posting is to
  • make it look natural.
  • – A drip feed randomizer allows you to select your posting speed from minutes,
  • hours, or even days. Then as it posts your content it varies the speed in
  • which the posts are made. This makes it look like you are doing it by hand
  • which is what the search engines want to see.
  • – Too many tools today try to do 100 posts in five minutes. The search engines
  • have caught on to that and are slapping sites that are too aggressive.
  • – You need a tool that allows you to make a single post to a system and then
  • over the next days, weeks, or even months it slowly releases new versions of
  • your content.

The best networks use multiple US Based IP Addresses

  • – The PR of your link is just as important as where your link comes from.
  • Networks that use US Based Multiple IP Addresses will give you better link
  • juice.
  • – Using US Based IPs only will also give you a level of security that foreign IPs
  • don’t have.
  • – They need to be all on different Class C’s for maximum effectiveness.
  • – This protects the overall network stability and efficiency.
  • – If all your links are all coming from the same IP address the search engines
  • will see this and reduce their value to almost nothing. No more link farms
  • allowed!

You need to Group Blogs based on Key Standards

  • – Grouping gives content relevance more value
  • – Posting to a group of related sites gives your content relevance
  • – Grouping based on PR or Age can give you more link juice with less work

Automation Multiples Effect

  • – Automation saves you time
  • – Time = Money
  • – Automation = More Time
  • – Automation = More Money
  • – If you are not using automation tools you are wasting your most valuable
  • asset.. Your time!
  • – Blog Syndication is a way for your to multiply your blog posting efforts 10,
  • 100, even 1000x’s over. Post an article a single time and then with the click
  • of a button your article can post out for days, weeks, even months onto high
  • PR ages domains.

PR Pass through is an ongoing effort

  • – The best blog networks don’t just give you a place to post your content.
  • – The best blog networks are continuing to optimize their sites so that your
  • posts carry more juice.
  • – PR Pass-through is the key to the most successful blog networks. By using
  • link juice directed at each post that is made your posts are not static. They
  • are building links that then pass through to your money site or landing page.
  • – Any blog network that is worth the price of admission will offer you PR Passthrough

On Page Optimization and Tagging gets you Better Results

  • – The ability to use H1, H2, H3, Bold, Italics, Underlined, Internal Page Linking,
  • Image Posting, Image ALT Tagging will give your posts more juice and get
  • them indexed faster.
  • – On Page Optimization creates a higher relevance factor in the search engines
  • – If you want keyword link juice you need relational content. There is no better
  • way to show relational content to then to use on page optimization
  • – Links may be Queen but content is King