6 Digital Marketing strategies your company must steer clear off Craig Murray DigitalInternet Marketing Strategies That You Need To Avoid

As an online entrepreneur, you must have likely heard about some ineffective internet marketing strategies already. In fact, you can read a lot of articles online about the different marketing strategies that you need to avoid. If yes, then this is good news because you can now plan your campaign carefully and avoid jeopardizing your website. Similar with offline marketing, there are many ineffective strategies that have been created by internet marketers that are still used among unsuspecting online entrepreneurs.

The internet marketing industry changes over time and it is important for the internet marketing campaigns to keep up with the changing times. The ineffective marketing strategies were created with the pure intention of raising brand awareness of online businesses. However, due to the dynamic environment of the World Wide Web as well as the changing rules of advertising programs as well as search engines, the strategies have been classified as ineffective already today.  As an online entrepreneur, it is crucial that you know what these ineffective strategies are so that you can exclude them from your current internet marketing strategy. This will not only save you a lot of money but this also prevents you from wasting your time and effort.

What Makes An Internet Marketing Strategy Ineffective

As mentioned earlier, internet marketing strategies become ineffective because of the changing environment of the World Wide Web. Another reason why they become ineffective is that the preferences of consumers when it comes to advertising also change from time to time thus this means that internet marketers should always update their strategies constantly in order to meet the demands of their prospective clients.

Just because particular internet marketing is ineffective does not mean that it is illegal. Some novice internet marketers tend to panic as soon as they find out that one of their internet marketing strategies is actually considered ineffective. It is important to define that ineffective marketing strategies are those that no longer bring relevant traffic and sales conversion to your website. Apparently, there are some internet marketing strategies that are too inconvenient for your clients to patronize. Below are the different types of ineffective marketing strategies that you should avoid at all cost if you want to ensure the success of your online business.

Online Classified Advertising

Online classified advertising has been hyped during the time when internet marketing is still very young. Although online classified advertising is still used until today, it is considered as an ineffective internet marketing strategy the fact that those who visit classified ads are mostly business owners. Although this particular strategy can help you promote your business in your community, it really does not bring in relevant traffic to your site. However, you can still post your business information on online classified ads  but do expect to generate a lot of traffic to your site. Unfortunately, most people will forgo classified ads whenever they are looking for a particular product online these days.


As an internet marketer, you must have an idea that spamming is considered as a mortal sin in search engine optimization. There are different forms of spamming that you can commit and these include posting bulk articles in your blog and submitting a lot of articles required by article directories. Another form of spamming is to send bulk email notifications to your subscribers’ inboxes. Spamming is still used by many people to drive traffic to their site but the problem with spamming is that you can easily lose your reputation and credibility as an online entrepreneur. Moreover, search engines like Google heavily penalize spammers by blocking websites permanently and removing them from their index. You certainly do not want to be blocked from search engines, do you?

Pop-up Advertisements

I have yet to encounter someone who loves pop-up advertisements. Although pop-up ads can catch online users by surprise, they are more annoying than useful. Remember that most people block pop-up ads from their browser so if you invest in this type of advertising method, then it will just be a waste of your time.  Moreover, if you add them to your internet marketing strategy, then you may lose some of your clients. If you want to advertise your website to your clients, just place a simple ad on a webpage and people who are interested in your site are bound to click on your ads.

Too Much SEO

Believe it or not, too much SEO can be detrimental to your website. While search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for search engines to index your website, it is important to take note that writing articles for search engines can make your content less appealing to your human readers. You have to understand that SEO uses keywords and repeating them all throughout the content to the point that the entire article will now sound unnatural and broken. Search engine optimization is an effective way to make your site visible to search engines but you need to know your limitation in using too much keywords.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing is an effective method of attracting potential customers to your site, it is now considered as a costly and obsolete marketing strategy. An online business has to spend thousands of dollars in order to implement this particular strategy. Sadly, only a meager 3% are directly responding to email marketing. Most people no longer open promotional emails for fear that they may contain virus or spyware applications that can wreck havoc on their computer data and personal information.  Moreover, email marketing is also very time-consuming thus it is considered as one of the most ineffective internet marketing strategies to date. If you are still using email marketing, then it is time that you think about removing it from your internet marketing strategy.

The industry of internet marketing is very dynamic and changes in the different marketing strategies are often introduced more frequently than ever before. Learning about the many ineffective marketing strategies is very important so that you can avoid them and focus on strategies that will make your website more appealing to your clients and be successful.