5 Tips to succeed in Facebook marketing Craig Murray Digital5 Facebook Marketing Tips

By being the number one social media platform, Facebook has gained attraction from many business owners to be used as a tool for their number one source of traffic, branding and sales. Smart businesses use this tool to get an edge over others by creating relationships with their existing and potential customers using different strategies. Here are a few ways that allow businesses to expand their reach by using Facebook as a marketing tool.

1). Targeting Your Audience

In every marketing strategy, audience analysis is one of the most important steps. Once a business identifies its target audience everything become clearer and your marketing strategies can become more effective. Businesses have to try to reach out to those people who are interested in their products or services. Segmentation comes in handy at this point. Facebook marketing allows an opportunity for businesses to reach exactly the part of the population that they think would make their advertising more effective.

You can narrow down your search to your fans by selecting the target audience and as a result promote your advertisement to that specific Facebook population only thus pinpointing your fans from a random sample of 850 million Facebook users across the globe.

The key is to make sure that “relevant” people see your advertisement on Facebook. This can be achieved once accurate segmentation is done by your target audience. One method of making sure you make accurate segmentation is to use demographical information of the entire Facebook population and narrow down your businesses target audience accordingly. Selecting the right demographics can be based on geography, interest, gender, age and many other parameters. To reach the right audience, it is recommended to make and float several ads and test them against one another. This will allow your ads to be even more effective.

2). Optimization of Your Ads

Now that you have found your target audience, it is time to grasp their attention by presenting ads that will appeal to them the most.

Make your ad stand out from the rest. To do this you will first have to float multiple types of ads with different content and test them by analyzing the response you get from those ads. What works for one product or service may not work for the other. However there are a few basic rules that need to be implemented in every ad for it to become successful.

Rule 1. You should always use proper grammar and punctuation when placing an ad. Improper use of grammar and punctuation immediately creates an attitude of dislike from your audience. As a result, the credibility of your business may also be at stake. It is recommended to never capitalize all the letters in your ad either. This would remove the ability of your ad to emphasize on a particular message in the ad.

Rule 2. The images presented on your ad create a sense of visionary comfort for your audience as this helps in allowing your audience to understand what they are in for when they click on your ad. The better the image used the better the attraction and impression created. When selecting your picture, make sure not to use generic images of your product or service. This removes the personal touch that could be created in an ad, something that customers are always looking for.

Rule 3. It is important to know what your customers think of your product or service. To extract this vital information, one must ask questions regularly to get the audience feedback. If this doesn’t work with your business, using “call to action” may. This will urge the reader, listener or viewer of your ad to take immediate action, such as “Write Now,” “Call Now” or “Click Here”.

When you have gathered your data you will have a better understanding of how to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy and thus fine tune your best ad. Identify the ads that are not performing up to the mark and simply delete them. This will allow you to reallocate your budget to those ads that have performed much better and have been more fruitful. Better results will be generated over time by following these Facebook marketing strategies.

3). Scheduling

In Facebook marketing, it is a fact that your ads will deliver different results to you based on the day of the week that your ad has been floated. Recognizing their most prosperous days for your target audience reach is extremely important. You do not want to post an ad on a day that has low traffic. Weekdays and weekends prove to have a high difference when it comes to traffic. But that is not all; the time period of the day proves to have a major impact on the ads performance reach as well.

It is important to know that all hours of the day are not the same. Good Facebook marketing tells us to look into detailed timings and investigate ads on different days at different times. This will allow you to know what day and time is most profitable for your business.

Scheduling helps in posting our campaign or ad at a specific time. One that you may feel to be most beneficial to your business. Once you have scheduled your ad as part of your Facebook marketing strategy, the chances of your business to succeed increase significantly in terms of performance

4). Budget Management

When advertising on Facebook, you can select any of the two cost models:

CPC: Cost per click

CPM: Cost per thousand impressions

CPC, as the name suggests, means that you pay every time someone clicks on the ad whereas CPM requires you to pay every time a thousand people click on your ad. Both of these models follow the bidding system.

It is recommended that you optimize with the daily budget per ad or campaign. Even though Facebook would want you to spend as much money as possible per click, the Facebook marketing strategy for optimization should be implemented carefully and specifically to your requirements.

A point that needs to be taken into account is the fact that people who spend too much time on Facebook every day may generate a lot of impression on Facebook and if it’s your ad that they see and click on, it is you who have to pay the price. As a result the quality of clicks is affected by those who see your ad. A good Facebook marketing tip is to test diverse maximum bid sizes and monitor how this is affecting your CTR (Click Through Rate).

5). Analyzing Your Ads Results

Just like any other marketing strategy, prior to its implementation, returns on the marketing investment need to be taken into consideration. The Returns on Investment (ROI) needs to be obtained from every individual ad or campaign.

This can be done by tracking every unique ad created and recording every sale originating from the timely use of that specific ad. The use of Google analytics will allow you to monitor every ad and note which one generated the most sales in your business daily operation.