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Craig Murray

Craig Murray


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My name is Craig Murray. I have worked online since the age of 15, 11 years ago. Working with companies like Europcar, Microsoft and many more. A lot has changed during my time online and everyday I learn to keep up to date with the trends. I possess more than 11 years of progressive experience in the Internet marketing and digital marketing field. I started my career building websites for SME’s and conducting SEO for several companies as well as running and implementing large Adwords campaigns for non-profits.

I am now running a freelance Digital Marketing Agency catering for SME’s in Ireland in which I have achieved substantial success in achieving increased search engine rankings for my clients. I have 257 clients in Ireland at current & have built over 300 websites for Irish companies. I hold a Masters In Digital Marketing from the Dublin Institute of Marketing.

Craig Murray taking his team to the Microsoft conference in Toronto 2016

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